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It occurred to me earlier today whilst planning my latest update to this blog, which was going to be about my progress in this semesters arcing project, when I realised that you would have no idea what I was talking about as I haven't actually told you what that project is yet!

I actually have two projects at the moment; there's world in a room and also a collaboration with jewellery. My collaboration with jewellery finishes this monday so expect a post about that following this one. World in a room however runs till the end of next month (because someone's bad at maths).

The aim of the world in a room project is to get us focuses solely on the animation itself. We have been given a set and an armature and we are allowed to do very little to dress both the character or the  room. The characters are allowed faces but they must have the same face which makes it hard. We are also given a basic story. Two characters both in a room with little more than a door. Both characters are reacting to a situation our choosing. We must animate their emotions in this situation. Lastly these characters must come together through the use of a knock. One must knock upon the door and the other must answer that knock. How we approach this is up to us as is how we edit them together to great one narrative from two stories. 

Ok so there you have the basic bones of my challenge. Now here's what I did with it.

My decision came from a situation I am sure everyone has been in. And let's be serious, more than once. I aim to make my film about the moment between an argument and an apology. That sort of limbo state where nearly everything you should have said, wish you'd said or wish you hadn't runs like a faucet through your head, occasionally escaping through your eyes. (what just happened?) Accompanied by the all the possibilities for a fix or to flip the situation on it's head. blah blah blah you know the deal argument happens, someone's pissed and someones sad. So these are my characters.

Anger and sadness/fear. One character slow moving and rigid. The other fast moving with large gestures. I wish to keep some cards close to my chest for now but here are the storyboards for my each character's story. The red is anger and the blue is sadness/fear.

They're a little hard to read and to figure out but once I've finished the animatics and get them uploaded they will be a little clearer.

As for this post I am pretty bored of talking about my ideas and stuff. I will probably elaborate on them in later points when talking about specific things but right at this moment I am going to end this post and start another. 

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