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As the title of this page suggests this page has my life drawings on it. These are required by more course and if you're reading not as part of that feel free to ignore this page. I will not be offended I promise. :)

Third Year - 

Ok so here we are the end of semester 1 of the third year of my degree. Dear God am I loosing track of the time! Before you know it I'll be writing my very last post on this page and seriously that is a terrifying thought! anyway this years life drawing was a bit different. Alan had us out and about freezing our butts off in various places around Edinburgh! So let's take a look at what I got up to shall we?

Week one!

Week one was a trip to the botanics, which was nice because it was warm in there and it was very cold outside at the start of the year! It's funny looking at these with even as little space between them as 3 months or however long it has been because it's very obvious I had some warning up to do because a lot of these took me a long time. It didn't help much that the vast majority of plants in the botanics happen to look phallic. Well at least there was something like normal life drawing in there somewhere I suppose!

You can see me slowly begin to care less and less about what I was drawing and if 'm honest my hands were beginning to cease up and I'd been drawing that tree stump for far longer than I should have been.

Week 2 had us at surgeons hall! which is awesome. Annoyingly it was very busy which made it hard to draw things but! I drew, and thank heavens I wrote it down, varicose veins which happened to look very pattern like. I quite like that one. I also did a really bad drawing of Shannon that I pretended didn't exist.... shhh!

So week three then! Goodbye warmth and hello huddling together in a cold train station! I drew a bird and he looks very cartoonic and I was angry about it! Anyway you might have guessed it drawing in a train station is hard. And I wish I had understood jared's movement through space tip far before two weeks later. But what's done is done.

(This one's good!)

Alright final week then! This particular week we spent in the museum. Which was nice as I love the museum. I had intended to leave the obvious room for life drawing and I also intended to draw some people who were moving through the museum as there was a school kicking around but Alan wanted us to focus on tone instead of line and some of the exhibits were casting some amazing shadows across themselves and I just couldn't so anything else.

(My favourite life drawing from the whole semester)

Semester Two -

Ok so second semester life drawing was a little bit different because we went much more random places that I didn't really think about visiting. It was pretty quiet for most of the semester too. Not a lot of us went after week one at the parliament but that didn't bother me much because I was pretty much always there. I think there was only one week I couldn't make and that was the same week jared forgot to let us know where alan wanted to meet us so none of us went in the end.

Like I mentioned week one was at the parliament. Really cool day actually. Really nice building and we sat in the debate chambers for ages and at one point Nicola Sturgeon came in and that was really very cool.

It gets quite repetitive drawing people who're sitting in front of you looking ahead so I spent a lot of time looking around the room for some unique perspective this week in particular. Or staring at Will's sketchbook because his were really good. Can we just send him back to Australia? 

The next week we were in the gallery on the mound, which weirdly has managed to become a gallery I frequent in my spare time. I like their cafe down the stairs because it caters to me dietary needs and its a good way to pass the time on gross and rainy days. I drew a lot in this room. And we had a huge long conversation with one of the members of staff because Anna insulted his favourite painting.

This particular week I was running out of paper so that's all my drawings are in little boxes. I was trying to be conservative with my paper. We were also meant to be drawing things with interesting composition so a lot of us ended up drawing the frames of the paintings we were redrawing. 

The next week we had a really fun week actually. Only 4 of us went and we spent some time drawing people playing tennis in a sports centre and after that point Emily left so there was just me, michael and julia. So the remaining three of us climbed up the big hill at craiglockhart and drew from up there. That was actually kind of hard because it was cold and rainy and it was difficult to draw with stiff hands on wet paper. But we all got some nice sketches done I think. Then because we were cold and soaked through Alan bought us a starbucks from the napier university main building. They have a starbucks! Why don't we have a starbucks?! or an anything?!

(This is my favourite double page from this semester)

I drew my favourite drawing that week and even when we were having our coffee I was still doodling. They had this huge line of flags from around the world hanging from over this walkway above the room. We couldn't decide where we thought a lot of them were from but I liked drawing them.

In the final week we took a trip out to Roslin chapel. Not sure theta's spelt correctly because I know it's different or something and I just get confused. I really liked the chapel but I could not draw it. Everything I drew from this trip was awful. There was too much detail and it was really hard to scale so I found that I couldn't draw any of it and do it justice. It was really annoying.

And that was life drawing this year! I wanted to do some more because we all really enjoyed life drawing this year on as whole. Even if half the time we finished early and found somewhere to warm up with coffee while we finished sketching.

I'd like to add the occasional drawing from our first project into my life drawing. Just the occasional one that I really liked.

Second Year - 

To be honest I find life drawing a nice break from normal animation madness. When I first started, although I was terrified the first day, I thought I was quite good at it. However in retrospect I see that I was just having a good semester. As everything I have done since then has been awful!

Week 1 -

Week 2 -

Week 3 -

Second semester week 1 -

Week 2 -

Week 3 - 

I also found this one lying around my house. It may be from last semester but I don't think it's up here yet so.

Other things I drew this semester - 

First Year -

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