Bouncy Bouncy - The Third Ball

For my third and final ball, I chose to make it an orange. I made this decision because I thought it would be a bit different to other balls. It's made of all natural materials that will bruise and sustain damage as it impacts the ground. Like the bouncy ball I spent a few days observing the way it bounced.

I wanted it to start of very round and then as it bounced I wanted it to leak and sustain damage and become a bit misshapen. Having watched it bounce I noticed that when dropped from a low height it hardly bounced but when dropped from a higher height it bounced and it would make more sense in terms of the damage the orange would receive if it was dropped from higher.

Next I turned my attention to the design of the orange itself. I knew it had to communicate as an orange easily so I knew black and white was probably not going to cut it... BUT I tried it anyway!

This one looks more like a potato or the moon and not an orange.

This one was better but I wasn't sure it said orange quite yet. So I got thinking how are oranges normally represented by people? and the most obvious one I could think of was the Good Food logo:

It's fairly straight forward although always rather obvious it's an orange. This combined with looking at my actual orange produced these orange ideas:

I liked the idea of an increased number of dots from my original design and colouring it all orange instead of just adding a little orange definitely, well, said orange. I decided that the spot the stalk had been removed from was more of a star shape than a circle and finally it doesn't look right brown. Which landed me with the orange on the bottom left. Horay! But I was concerned it looked too much like a tomato with the shape of the base of the stalk. So I did a quick side by side.

And luckily it didn't, in fact, a tomato done to the same effect barley resembles a  tomato and my orange looks perfectly orang-y by comparison.

Now, the orange juice. I tried out three possibilities for the orange juice. Firstly not colouring it in at all, which was too much of a contrast with the orange to be orange juice, then all coloured orange, which I believed was too much orange then, third time's the charm, I brought the colour in from the edges, leaving a shine at the top of the orange juice. This hinted that it was orange juice enough to understand and wasn't to distracting from the main object in the sequence: the orange.

Then all there was left to do was ensure I was keeping the rotation constant which I did by making it move clockwise so I wouldn't forget which way it was rolling.

I am happy with the finished sequence however if I was to do it again I would like to make the rotation faster as I think it would move faster than it currently does but non the less I am pleased!

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