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So here's the most complicated part of the film I've done. I initially planned to do all the shadow character's parts by creating one picture and manipulating it by using the puppet pin tool in after effects. Unfortunately after effects can't create a mask for the pin tool on a transparent object. Which means it was a no go for my shadow character. I did consider creating a slightly transparent background to the entire character but with the dark composition of the film it meant there became inconsistencies in the light quality.

So instead I decided to hand draw the majority and apply effects to the rest. I have yet to find an effect I can use to warp the other images as of yet, however I did animate this scene a few weeks ago.

I have to admit it doesn't look like I thought it would but it's looking a lot better than it was when I started animating it. It looked like crap to start off with. But I made this gif for my tumblr so I thought I would put it up here too and explain.

The only thing that annoys me about this whole scene is that the young boys left hand was meant to stay on the floor but it kept bouncing back up (which was really annoying because I had blue taced it down) But I didn't notice it until now that it had come of the floor in the final shot and now it's all I see when I look at the shot. Grrr....

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