thinking about filming

So I am now mostly finished my set and have my puppet and props finished. I have animation space booked for tomorrow and I hope to be animating by tuesday as I only have the space for a week because of the way the spaces are needed over the next little while.

Just before I got started I thought I'd have a little look at my storyboard and my animatic and see what needed tweaked. I know I wanted some zooms out while I focused in because Neil said that would be a weird movement for a viewers eyes which is really what I'm wanting. I think I have figured out the scenes where I want this to happen. The other things I have noticed in preparation for filming is that my animatic really isn't slow enough. I really do want the scenes where he's frantic and panicked to be in a real contrast to the scenes where he's cautiously moving around the room. This also allows me time to play around with the tension of the scenes.

I think one of the things I have drastically overlooked here is the development of the shadow. We don't really get to know him at all. I really want the audience to think he's malevolent and evil before we find out that he's just a trick of the eyes and a little boys imagination. I think I'll film some scenes where the boy is looking off into the distance and the shadow can be watching him or scheming in the background. Or shifting past the camera in order to appear scary for a little while. I also hope he builds from some of the angles which I wish to have from the shadow's P.O.V looking down at the boy so I can try out developing this character differently.

Kind of feel like I still have so much to think about before I film and I really don't have the time. Ideally I'd like to tweak my animatic but I'll just have to keep in mind what I have said here and hope I get a chance to build them in.

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