storyboard 1

So storyboarding then... this is where my story grew arms and legs. So here you go. This is the original story board cut up into individual scenes.

SSSSOOOOO the reason this story needs to be reworked is because it's just wayy to long. I haven't filmed it through yet to see how long it would be but I'm sure it would be ages. There's also way to many characters that aren't really relevant and who can be bothered making irrelevant characters? I spoke it through with Jared and we both felt it was too much and would be more like a feature length than a short.

Now Jared pointed out to me that a good story is shown through the ability to remove elements and it still makes sense. A quality which as this story stands it does not posses. So I need to tweak this a bit... OK so a lot. I would like to focus on the part of the story where someone dresses up the pigeon statues in little coats and things in the winter. For this I don't need the pigeons to be alive which benefits me in many ways. I wont have to explain why the statues are alive or develop a half real half statue like movement for them. It also means I can develop different emotions towards the pigeons from the point of view of the community that are entirely projected apon them, Turn them into real personified  characters. Which will be different from things I've done before.

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