"A Leith Walk"

So like I said I would I have visited more places... well place. I went back to the city art centre. To which I wandered around for ages apparently. I found everyone elses animations which was really weird actually hahaha. But it was nice to get to see more of Marks research and development, as I had already read through his blog posts. (Sorry Mark).

So the exhibition I was particularly taken with is one that is VERY close to home for me. I live in Bellevue of Edinburgh's Leith walk and this particular exhibition was on Leith.

Now, I should interject this here before I go on. I maintained the view point, from the beginning of this project that the perfect object would be obvious to me and I really hoped it would happen. So imagine my surprise when it actually did! I new it when I saw it, well ok that's not quite how I knew it.

I had entered the city art centre with my mum during the holidays I had only made it as far as the first floor when she came and found me after looking round the whole gallery (oops). Then she said to me "I got quite excited when I saw the pigeons up the stairs" and from that one short sentence I knew exactly what pigeons she was talking about. She was talking about these pigeons. "A Leith Walk" by Shona Kinloch

 Photos thank to Edinburgh Museums and Galleries Outreach

These pigeons are it and for the first time in this project I have a developing idea! Hooray! I have so many and I'm so pleased. So I followed up my discovery of these brilliant birds by thinking about sculptures so I sketched out the other sculptures I could find in the exhibition and by complete coinsidence it was a monument on the list of places to concider the "Marquette for Manuscript for Monte Cassino" 

At this point I had many an idea forming about statues about these pigeons in particular and I realised I'd really enjoy animating a pigeon! They move very funny and they have tones of personality. I knew where these pigeons used to sit and how much I loved them as a kid and how gutted I was when they were removed. As a fan of the pigeons I was happy to hear they plan to put them back. woopie! sorry. That was unprofessional. 

This then lead me to think about the people of Edinburgh's relationship with them. Being from Edinburgh I thought I could use my relationship with and knowledge of the city to help me in this competition so I am going to do so. I began to research these beautiful little birds and form a story. Which I shall put of for you once I've storyboarded and worked at it into a first draft.

Here's a piece of concept art to keep you guessing!

I will re post and explain this, for Jared, Alan and Rachel, :)

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