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Alright, now we're making a movie!... I'm sorry. I was going to say something worse so I promise this was better. Anyway it's time to talk about animatics!

So I had my storyboards approved, for the most part, by PBC and that lead onto the creation of the animatic. The one issue they had was there was a point in the script where the narrator discusses how the body deals with bile by saying that the body expels it. In my storyboard I showed this by having it drain out of the characters body as if it was filled up like an outline and you'd pulled the plug on it. When I spoke to them, Robert, the big boss go PBC Foundation was worried it wasn't literal enough. We had to discus this because when your body rids itself of bile that bile comes out in your poop so I didn't really want to make it any more literal because that mean that I open it up to either too much information being passed over and grossing children out or too prevent that I inject humour but I feel like that would have appealed to my audience far too much to keep them on topic. Children love poop jokes! So I raised that back as a concern but in addition I also suggested a compromise that would imply that the bile came out in your poop without being any more explicit in the visuals. The sound of a toilet flushing. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

Ok so here's the animatic. You should be able to see some changes between the storyboards and here. Um it's a really high functioning animatic, and I did only make one because I had figured a lot out at this stage in terms of where stuff was placed on the screen or where they come in from. I also had a lot of help with the timing because of the audio.

Oh actually side note while I'm talking about the audio, at my meeting they told me they had the rough cut of the audio and were going to edit it before they sent it to us but then Rob asked if we wanted him to just send it to us so we could edit it ourselves. I thought about it before I agreed that yes that would in fact be good because I thought that way we could really keep the handle on the time of the recording that way and we'd know how to edit it and make sure it sounded good. So we took that off there hands.

Ok so basically what I was saying was I only needed one animatic because of having that help with the timing already in place. It just meant that I was figuring out some of the movements during the transitions. Timings in this animatic worked themselves out pretty quickly so I was more so testing out some animation for the whole thing. I think that's one reason it became such a high functioning animatic because I didn't just really rough keyframes, I did some betweening too so I could really see what was going on because it's long and there's a lot of information to convey and things to get right.

Here you go -

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