Helping Scott Out

I can't remember if I documented it here last year because of the time of year it took place. It was after my last hand in so I don't know if I mentioned it. But at the end of the year last year I helped a 4th year intermedia student who wanted to make a film about the seedier side of online dating if you're a gay man. The film sort of had this costume element and included a large Jim Henson style puppet. Scott needed to be behind the camera to work the puppet and as needed a filming crew and an editing team so I, along with Tyler from the year beneath worked on this project for him. It was fun and different and in the end we ended up with a film credit and a good film so I was dead pleased.

I get on really well with Scott and I love his company so when he told me he was getting to exhibit the works and had been commissioned to make two more se he had a set of films I was more than happy to help him in any way he needed. That meant that when he asked me to help him edit the first and create a montage of a few different types of sourced materials for the second I was more than willing.

These films are definitely more of an edit job but considering that is a skill I am looking to build up and learn into I am not at all complaining about the lack of animation and drawing involved. I feel like I myself am definitely a film maker rather than an artist who makes films and in that regards I am always excited by the filmic elements and excited to learn and pursue them in many ways. I pretty much live and breath film.

The first film is entirely an edit job so for me it will be an exercise in pacing. Something I think I definitely need to build on. I noticed I had quite a few issues with the pacing of this years Christmas card which I will move on to discussing shortly. In this way I will be focusing on taking that away from this film as there are very few creative decisions for me to make within this film.

The second film however is a film that centres more around drugs. The character in this film is narrating about their life and their decisions while a montage plays on screen. The montage will include lots of elements of this lifestyle. Your typical sex, drugs and rock and roll. So I will be sourcing or creating footage of parties, drugs and taking them and (thanks to scott for sourcing it) some gay porn. I will be making this montage. Which can either involve or not involve animation in some form. More so time lapses and time manipulation of footage than your traditional animation however there is a small element of it there. I'm looking forward to doing something where I can entirely focus on the filmic elements. Such as what kind of message you're being sent when you hear this narrative and knowing what images I should put against them. It should be a nice calming break from all the animation related things I'm doing this semester. To be able to turn it off and look at real people for a little while. (Not that I'm ever complaining about animation!)

So while I haven't began any direct work on these yet I helped film the beginning and end sections to the later film and I now have all the material to begin working on them. I feel I will do the bulk of the work in my holidays as I will be heading out with a camcorder to film some club scenes and things while I have the time over my holidays.

I have spoken quite extensively with Scott about the copyright concerns with some of the things we are working with as we are not able to film a lot of it ourselves and we have put procedures for me to follow in place for ensuring that we don't run into any trouble at any point during the film. We'll be blurring a lot of the footage we use and distorting it from the originals in order to make it look significantly different. In addition all the large crowd scenes will be careful shot so that you can't see anyones faces.

Scott has pretty much thought about everything and I'll be cracking on with this one as soon as the holiday has begun!

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