Day 10

Sorry to keep you waiting for day 10. Since I finished this I've managed to catch the beginning of a cold and I can actually feel my brain turning to mush.

So day 10 then. The end of the project. Well as all Scottish people will know Sunday was Burns night so my day 10 animation was about burns night. Before I talk about it you should watch it other wise I'll ruin it.

The biggest problem I encountered with this project was actually designing the wild haggis himself. He was very difficult to design. Especially as I had originally intended to draw him in photoshop and make him really basic cartoony and adorable. However this failed miserably as he didn't look like a believable creature. So I decided instead to use photographs and cut them together to make the haggis. And thankfully this created a style for the whole film. The background is a royalty free computer wallpaper. All this did leave me with very little time to finish my animation which is why the whole thing has minimal movement. But looking back I don't really feel that it needed to much movement anyway.

And then the project was over!

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