why can't I draw today?

Thought I'd just update this really quickly with news that I am having a bad weekend for drawing. Can totally not draw right now, which is making trying to get my characters drawn for tomorrow very difficult if not impossible. :( Here's what the list of stuff to do looks like so far.

It's not too easy to see but I still have a lot to do unfortunately. This list doesn't include all the inanimate objects either. Although it does include the pigeons. I still have a flag, a box and a newspaper at least. But once their done I'm ready to begin animating. I'm hoping to get a couple of days straight to do this in because really the success of this whole piece relies on it being a one shot piece. So if I can help it I don't want to have to move my background from the rostrum camera. :S could be tricky. 

I might make some inanimate objects tonight as they wont be too hard to draw and pray that my drawing abilities return by tomorrow afternoon. 

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