Bouncy Bouncy Part 2 - Ideas

The next stage to bouncy bouncy was to pick two materials that would significantly alter the trajectory of the bounce. When I started to investigate my options my first thought was what constitutes a significant change. I decided that a good change would be if it bounced lower or higher. Firstly I looked at lower.

I decided that heavier objects such as metal ball-bearings or solid plastics would bounce much lower so would lighter objects without much substance such as balls of paper or hairballs. I also decided wood wouldn't bounce much but I believe it would have bounced a bit more than these materials based on the kind of wood. 
 Then I began to think about other possibilities aside from weight such as gravitational pull, a different bounce trajectory and natural objects.
I liked the idea of the moon impacting in the ground however I felt that it didn't meet the expectations set in the project brief. It didn't bounce, it just hit the ground at great speed. I considered a pom pom because when I dropped one it very often bounced backwards. Which I thought was a clever idea but if that was the only difference then I wasn't demonstrating any skill. Finally I decided I liked the idea of the orange as there was a lot I could play about with. 

In addition I decided I liked the bouncy ball idea as it would bounce much higher and closer together than an ordinary bouncy ball. 

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